3TC#224. The Squeak


Paul and Sue liked their home comforts. BED was one of them. So Paul was not very happy when Sue decided that she could hear a squeaking in the bedroom whenever she laid her head on the pillow. Night after night Sue insisted that she could hear the squeaking. Paul searched the flat for what it mught be. He could hear nothing, and he began to wonder if Sue was going mad.

They were only YOUNG and had not been married very long, and this was becoming a real problem, as they got little sleep due to this mysterious noise. Sue became more and more scared, thinking that somewhere in the flat, hidden away, there must be a ginormous mouse. She knew about mice! Her mother had been terrified of them, and one time, just after they had moved into a new house, a family of mice set up home in one of the kitchen cupboards. It was the one where everyone hung their coats, on a hook behind the door. Often, as the door was opened, two or three mice would leap down from out of the coats.

Sue’s mother screamed every time this happened, and it got to the stage where she would not allow Sue out of the house as she was scared of being alone. One night, Sue was desperate to go to the youth club where she always went on a Friday night, but when she entered the kitchen, all dressed up to go, she found her mother standing on the kitchen table. She begged Sue not to go.

In the end, Sue’s father managed to catch all the mice in traps that he set. It became a regular occurrence to hear the trap go off at nights. To Sue’s mother, the house had become abhouse of horror.

One night, they heard the trap go off, and Sue’s father went to look, and exclaimed that the mouse was obviously pregnant and was about to have babies, by the looks of her. Sue was CURIOUS and wanted to see the mouse. But her father quickly put the dead mouse outside in the garden. Upon hearing about the pregnant mouse, Sue’s mother started to scream, and shiver and shake.

So when Sue heard the squeak in the flat night after night when she laid her head on the pillow, she had visions of mice in her head. There was going to be no rest until the source of the squeak was discovered. Sue’s parents were sent for, when Paul could find no source for the squeak. They looked everywhere, even taking up the floorboards in the bedroom. But nothing was found. They left the flat scratching their heads.

This had become a real problem in Sue and Paul’s marriage. Paul was convinced that Sue was going mad, and wondered just what he had married.

Not long after Sue’s parents had been, Sue visited her doctor as her ears were causing her some trouble. The doctor looked in them, and said,

“You need them syringing. They look a bit gunky.”

Job done, Sue went home. As she laid her head on the pillow that night she could hear no sound. No squeak at all. And never was the squeak heard again.

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