There was a time when life was BAD for Susie. She would lie in her BED crying at nights. Sometimes her pain was so bad she thought she would BURST.

One day some girl friends invited her to go with them to the Youth Club at the nearby CHAPEL. Susie was CURIOUS to know what it was like, though she had spent her life in total DISBELIEF of anything to do with God. But her life was so terrible at home that she embraced the idea, and if truth were known, wanted to run at the DOUBLE to anything that might offer her some comfort or even just distraction.

She found that she really enjoyed the Youth Club, and made friends with the deaconess there who looked rather like a nun, in her navy blue uniform, but wasn’t. The deaconess would talk to her a lot, and allow her to express herself, and voice her disbelief and her questions about life and about God. She began to wonder if there might be a GRAIN of truth in it.

One Friday night at the Youth Club the deaconess told Susie that there was to be a Youth Weekend, and she invited Susie to it. Susie wanted very much to make an EXCUSE not to go, as she was really a rather shy person, and did not feel she would be comfortable in such a gathering. So she playfully inquired what the meals would consist of, and was informed that it would be HAM salad.

“I don’t like salad,” Susie said, with a twinkle in her eye.

The deaconess came on a bit HEAVY with her, to her surprise, accusing her of being stupid and fussy. Susie really didn’t want to hear any MORE of it after that. But NOTHING would stop the deaconess now. She was in full swing.

“You’ve been eating your OATS this morning, haven’t you,” remarked Susie rather sarcastically.

Susie’s mind went back a little bit, to a time that she could REMEMBER well. She had been the victim of a RUSE at school, that had caused her quite a bit of discomfiture. The perpetrators had been the SON of one of the chapel-goers. In those days Susie had been rather TIMID and the event had scarred her quite a lot. In the WAKE of this event she had become quite reclusive, and it was only just lately that she had started to come out of herself a bit more. The deaconess taking this tone with her put her right back there again, with her cruel remarks. So when she was also ployed with rather pointed suggestions that she might like to attend WORSHIP there, her hackles began to rise. She was YOUNG and could be aggressive in defending herself, emotionally.

“Piss off,” she said to the deaconess. “You and your God can go and take a running jump. If He is anything like you I don’t want Him.”

2 thoughts on “TAKE SEVEN

  1. blindzanygirl

    Yes it is. I do these every Friday. I love doing them. It is an amakgamation of Di’s three Things Challenges that she does each day, and that I often do. You have to use all the words of the week, thus, 21 words. It’s good fun.

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