#FOWC Block

FOWC with Fandango — Block

I am fit to burst. Fit to knock somebody’s BLOCK off. Fit to put a hammer through the window.


Sick of the aloneness. Sick of hearing the words “social distancing.”

Oh it’s not that I don’t recognise the necessity for it, but Gawd, it makes you baulk.

We’ve all had enough. Well I have! I am beginning to feel that I don’t exist. No one to mirror anything back at me.

I think it was Lacan, the psychowhatsit bloke who followed Freud, who said that we only know who we are by the things that other people mirror back to us. I can see that one. A small child learns by how others mirror things back to her or him.

And talking of Freud. Although we were not meant to be, but somehow or other I have landed here – I hate bloody Freud! And what is more, I shouted this at my academic Supervisor at the University of Sheffield, some years ago, banging on the table, and that was swiftly followed by, “And I DON’T want a penis either.” For those of you that don’t know, Freud had this idea that women and little girls suffered from penis envy, meaning that they wanted one, and not having one was the cause of all their ills.

Yes well……. I am about as fed up with hearing the words “social distancing” as I am with hearing the words “penis envy.”

And thinking about the word “block,” have you seen that on June 1st. We are all going to have to use that bloody block editor whether we want to or not. Bah!

So that’s my rant for the day! Anyone else want to join in?

11 thoughts on “#FOWC Block

  1. Ah, penis envy. I associate that with petty-minded women driving big cars thinking they’re lording it above the rest of us. Ha, big cars dent as much as the small ones, but cost more to repair, replace, or insure!
    Not looking forward to the block editor either, but I’m still on classic writer and hopefully they’ll leave that alone for a bit.
    SD? that’ll be a joke here from tomorrow, mind you, it is already for some. Think I;ll start referring to it as Sid.
    Keep safe.

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  2. The campaign was November 1986, and British Gas was privatised in the December.
    Everyone was passing on the message, ‘If you see Sid, tell him………………..’


  3. Good post.
    As for the new WordPress Block Editor come June 1, I’m waiting to see if it fixes the problem I have with no longer being able to click Like at the end of posts (including yours).


  4. Nice rant. I’m tired of this whole lockdown, too, but I’m going to keep practicing social distancing until the doctors and scientists (not the politicians) give the all clear. As to the Block editor, I THINK we’ll still have to option to use the classic editor. At least I hope so.


  5. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Pete. I can’t really see vids but hubby can look. I’ll tell Wimbledon about it too in case he hasn’t seen it although I think he found a way to defeat this new editor and go back to the old one. I wrote a humorous poem on it some time ago when for some reason my editor changed to Gutenberg and I hated it. I will repost my funny poem in the form of a sonnet, soon 😀

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  6. blindzanygirl

    Bloody auto correct. It changed “wibble” to “Wimbledon!” I am sure wibble will not be a used – but then he might be lol. I am talking of pedantry.


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