IN VIEW OF WHAT WORDPRESS IS DOING I FEEL IT IS TIME TO REPOST THIS πŸ˜ƒΒ (I wrote it after having a flirtation with the Block Editor!)


Oh Classic Editor
How I love you
With your clear firm lines
And your soft open spaces
Oh how easy it is to slide into you
Oh what joy we can have there
Creating and recreating joy and bliss
Winding ourselves up into ecstasy
Oh how beautiful you are
My long lost lover
Oh how I craved to be in your arms again
Oh how I craved for the freedom you gave
I yearned for you
I longed for you
And your gentleness
Oh how you invited me in
Where together we could create beautiful things
Oh my love we are back together again
Oh my love never leave me again
Never leave me abandoned again
I love you so much
I am eternally yours
Stay with me for ever
And never let me go


  1. I’m having all kinds of problems with WordPress already. I’m hoping June 1 will bring an improvement, but I’m not counting on it. I hate to contemplate quitting WordPress, but I can’t handle much more of their s**t (pardon my language).

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Hi mistermuse. I for one hope you do not have to quit. I would miss you but I know a lot of people are saying they will leave. If you do, please could we keep in contact via email – I would love to keep seeing how you are doing. I understand that the option to choose Classic Editor will still be there, at least for a coulpe of years. Let’s see what happens. 😊

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Lol Pete. Thankyou. I hope it is possible. I am so up and down at the moment. Sometimes I want tmjust delete my blog, whilst at other times I want to keep it. Lots of different reasons for that. Xx

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  4. Keeping it is a better option. If you decide not to, don’t delete it. Just make it ‘Private’, then all your writing will still be there for you to see. x


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