I reached out yesterday
With my battered body and battered soul
To you the Body of Christ
For many days I knocked on your door
You did not open it
For many days I banged
You still did not open it
I longed to hear your voice
But you did not answer
I was one of you once
Before disease got me
And then I became the leper
Not the fit and healthy one who needed no help
You turned a blind eye to my blind eyes
You would neither listen nor speak
You had too many Meetings
Zoom Meetings
The business still goes on
You have no time for people
You are too busy building your “Kingdom”
Of fit and healthy people
To whom you can easily offer
The Body of Christ
Whilst my little voice
You would not hear
A voice crying in the wilderness
A place of hard stones
Of parched thirst
A place where there is no nourishment
I take another pain killer
Maybe it will kill the pain of my soul one day
Do you hear Jesus weeping?


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