Difficulty in commenting on some blogs

Hello friends.  I need to say that I am having extreme difficulty in commenting on some blogs.  They are the ones where your email address is needed, plus something else but am not sure what, with being blind.  I can’t work it out.  I have spent some time this morning writing out some longish comments to some people but then being unable to post the comment because of this.  So if you are one of those blogs where this is required I am having difficulty.  I am not ignoring you.  Just very much want to comment but can’t.  I feel very sad about this.

oh, and writing out my whole email address is very difficult for me.  Then when I have done it, it tells me that I am not logged in to that address, which is totally untrue.


15 thoughts on “Difficulty in commenting on some blogs

  1. blindzanygirl

    It is sad though a Colin. One of my greatest friends has his blog set up like this but I gave up. Not sure if this is what people are being required to do now as I do not understand WP at all beyond the very basics

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  2. Are you having this issue on WordPress.com blogs? I mean mine requires people fill out their E-mail address I think but when you’re logged into WP, it should automatically send your WP’s details. If you’re having trouble commenting on my blog, I’m sorry. I just got a bunch of spam comments that weren’t picked up by Akismet, so am reluctant to change my settings.

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Hi Astrid. I have not had trouble commenting on your blog I don’t think. I am logged into WirdPress. I was using a new iPad so am wondering if that was the problem. I am not very teccyso don’t understand all these things. No, don’t change your settings Astrid. I will go to your blog now and make a comment. Not been doing many comments these past few days as have not been well. I hope that you are O.K. Xx

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  4. I sometimes have the same issue as you, Lorraine. If a blog is on WordPress (as mine is, although I have purchased my own domain) then you should not need to enter your email address (provided that you are logged into WordPress). I think the issue arises on self-hosted WordPress sites. I, like you, sometimes give up attempting to comment. Best, Kevin

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  5. I am having so many comment problems, ‘Like” problems, and other problems with WordPress that I don’t know what I’m going to do if things don’t improve when the new WordPress Block Editor takes effect June 1. There may be viable options out there, but I’m probably not tech-savvy enough to use them. So let’s wish each other luck, Lorraine, because as it stands, I can’t put up with WordPress much longer.

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  6. I’m so sorry, Lorraine — I didn’t mean to make you cry, but knowing that we can empathize with each other’s difficulties is my consolation. The world needs much, much more of being able to feel the pain of others.

    Take care.

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  7. I had no issues with commenting, but I do get asked for my email address sometimes too and my name etc. Not on your blog though Lorraine. I hope you have no trouble with commenting on mine, either!


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