Yesterday was an amazing day. I actually spoke to somebody. It was a hot day here in the U.K. and we went to the little church that I have written of here before. We sat, with the car doors open, and I was doing my usual – writing. It was very beautiful. We were parked under a tree, and the birds were making a racket – probably breeding!

Towards the end of the afternoon, a man came towards us down the church path. I had no idea who he was, being blind, but I shouted out “Hello” to him. I was a bit bothered because I thought he might break the 2 metres apart rule, as so many people do. However, he shouted “Hello” back. I realised then who it was. It was the man who owns many many acres of land around there – the rich farmer. All the men around there work for him, but he puts on no airs and graces and treats everyone equally, and as a friend. He is a multi-millionaire. But he speaks to everyone.

I started talking to him – for the first time in nearly twelve weeks, I spoke to someone. I was nearly crying with emotion. Another human being!

We spoke about how the church is now locked, making us so sad, and about the pandemic. And at the end I said to him,

“It’s WONDERFUL to talk to another human being.” He was so happy to have broken the silence for me, and I was so happy too.

If only others could act like that and actually TALK to me. We shall be going back there again today, just to sit.


11 thoughts on “BREAKING THE SILENCE

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh, and having said that, we still are not meant to be out at all, with me being in the extremely vulnerable shielded group. This was made plain by Boris yesterday, and a question was asked him on this about when will we be let out! Well, bugger that. I am out now and I am not going back in my box! I think they need to take people’s mental health into much more consideration.

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  2. I’m so glad you got to talk to someone! Thank you for sharing. I felt similarly when I finally got to talk to someone who wasn’t in my immediate family, though I know it’s not the same. ❤


  3. blindzanygirl

    Bless you Pete for saying that. It is true. Plus we are doing no harm to anyone! Just got back from that same place and saw two people having a picnic in the beautiful churchyard. They didn’t speak but then neither did I. Good idea. We’ll take a picnic one day! Xx

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