My body now is shutting down
I feel it more each day
Is it my mind or is it real
Are thoughts beginning to play

I now can hardly stand or move
The effort makes me shake
I want to cry but must go on
Though now my world does quake

I can’t believe it’s happening
And wonder why it is
Has cancer got me in the end
My mind is in a tizz

I won’t acknowledge weakness now
I feel that I must fight
My body has another mind
And I have lost my sight

I fell upon the bathroom floor
Whilst going in the night
I couldn’t see just where I was
My senses took their flight

And now I’m lying here in pain
Is this to be my end
Detaching from the world I am
So say goodbye my friend

12 thoughts on “IS THIS THE END?

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks murisopsis. Yes I did fall because I couldn’t see. I banged into something and fell. But no harm done. Just I am seriously fatigued. It is not Covid though. I get spells like this but this is a bad one.


  2. Hope you feel better from that fall soon Lorraine and that you are not feeling too knocked up by it.

    I also hope you are managing to keep cool, with how the weather has been this week and today. X

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