#FOWC. Empirical

FOWC with Fandango — Empirical


Dan spat out his words. What the hell did science know about anything! Oh yeah. Two and two make four. But it doesn’t know who’s knocking on my door! Yeah, it might be Julie, and what does science know about things of the heart. That bloody Julie had let him down. Broken his heart. Now they were just a statistic. Well his heart didn’t feel like a statistic. It felt bloody awful.

He knew all about statistics, did Dan. Did it at University. It all felt like the Golden Age then. Nights out with the lads, partying, girls. He’d not had much to do with girls before, and was ready for a few mad flings. That was where he’d first met Julie. She seemed nice enough. From a “good” family. Titled, no less. He was taken in. But he had a lot to learn, and one thing was, don’t believe a girl when she’s drunk. Promised him the earth, she did. And he took it. Right there and then. The earth moved. He saw stars.

Not long after that, “I’m pregnant.” And that was another statistic. But it was a bloody world shaking thing to have happened. Then, the next shocker, “I don’t know whose it is. But it might be yours.”

Suddenly Dan did not feel himself to be in the Golden Age.

“What you gonna do?” He shot at her.

“Dunno,” she said. “I’ll be letting you know.”

And off she walked.

That had been four years ago. And he was still waiting for the knock on his door. Was that a statistic too?

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Beth had never been to a ZOO before. In fact she had never done very much before, in all her ten years on this earth. But that was the point really. Was she even on this earth? She presumed she must be. Her feet felt the ground beneath her. But somehow or other, other people felt like aliens to her. They hardly spoke the same language as her. It really was as if they inhabited a different world.

It was the school trip that finally made her feel she had some connection to something. She looked at the animals in their cages, and she knew how they felt. Or she thought she did. Caged up. They were all so beautiful. Each animal in its own way. So sad that they had to be caged up. They should be roaming free.

But Beth was caged up too. Maybe that was why she felt herself to be in an alien world. Caged up inside herself. If only she could be set free. She thought and thought and thought. Maybe one day she would be.