Last night we received a frantic telephone call.  It came from my sister who was stuck in the toilet along with two budgies in a cage!

It was all the fault of some quite inmocent flying insect. It had suddenly appeared in the dining room where she was sitting.  This was followed by a hysterical scream, whereupon she grabbed her two budgies in two separate cages, and flew up the stairs carrying said budgies in cages, and locked herself in the toilet.  She is terrified of flying insects!

Our minds boggled as we heard the story and conjured up the picture of her flying up the stairs carrying the two budgie cages.  I wonder if she is still there this morning!


  1. I was evicted from my lounge by a spider. It was huge and the GSD just let it walk over her paws. I sat on the step waiting for Hubby to come home or someone to ‘save me’, which happened to be a neighbour. Laughing, he said he’d sort it for me and ambled in only to come rushing out at lightning speed saying he’d just get a broom and a pan to dispose of it because it was indeed B I G.
    Hope your sister is OK

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Lol Di. Yes she is ok this morning. The thoughts of her flying upstairs carrying two budgie cages with a budgie in each made me laugh!

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  3. In America, the budgie is called a parakeet. This makes me wonder if two budgies are a pair of keets or a pair of parakeets, or does it take four budgies to make a pair of parakeets? And if you put a pair of keets in a pear tree, how does that compare with a parakeet in a pair of pear trees, assuming a parakeet with a split personality could be in a pair of pear trees? What a paradox!

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  4. I had to overcome my terror when Sparky wasn’t home and a centipede came scampering down the hallway! I was barefoot so I made a dash to put on shoes. I did my best impression of a Flamenco dancer! And yes, I stomped it good!


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