Effin cheese spread.  Bloody botulism.I never did really trust it as it has bits of ham in. I wish to God I had followed my instincts and never eaten the bloody stuff.  I am shaking  and crying.  As if bloody coronavirus was not enough.  Please hold my hand someone

24 thoughts on “BLOODY TERRIFIED

  1. blindzanygirl

    Ok. There has been a recall of Prmula cheese spread in sqeezy tubes that have a certain date span on. This is because they may contain botulism. The botulism has been found in the squeezy tubes. People are being told not to eat them. But we ate ours 44 hours ago now. It was the date batch they are worried about. Primula is trying to find out exactly what has happened.


  2. blindzanygirl

    We are worried Liz. The good news is we have gone 47 hours since eating it, just about. It usually takes up to 36 hoyrs to develop but can be up to ten days. I have reduced immune system. But at least we have gone nearly 47 hours. Xx

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  3. Liz

    I have been reading up about it and it is rare. But for them to remove their products because of their findings, they had to do. Hopefully you and no one else is affected. But yes, it is worrying when hearing about it, that you ate. X

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  4. Oh no! 48 hours after eating it and no illness is a good sign that you’ve escaped. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you have evaded this threat. Too bad they didn’t put out the warning soon enough for you to toss the product!

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Thanks. It isn’t good. We spoke to our G.P. A d she says we have to wait while tomorrow lunch time to be sure we haven’t got it. Bloody hell!

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