He always enrolled the best CAST. He called his COMPANY the Catherine Wheels. His love for the stage and acting was like a FORTRESS in his soul. Whatever happened in life, it was never touched, diminished, or harmed.

He wasn’t exactly ONE who exuded much GRACE. In fact, some would have said he did them HARM, with his almost violent temper, if they did not get things just right, but they forgive him because, as they said, he was only HUMAN.

It was often the MUSIC that got him the most. Especially the Irish music. He wasn’t the only one. It was always the very last scene in the shows that he produced that were the most popular. Set under fluorescent lights the whole Company sat around on the stage, looking adoringly at him as he sang, making the most beautiful music along with the paino and the violin. Sometimes they joined in with the Chorus, and all were dressed in beautiful costumes. It was heavenly.

This was the PATH that he had always wanted to follow, and he would have sacrificed anything to follow it. And did. His marriage was not exactly always in the PINK, and his wife would often PRAY for him to change. She knew him as the rogue that he really was. She had married him almost without QUESTION under the June SKY. No one seemed to make a SQUEAK at her choice, though some things should have pointed to the fact that he was not good husband material. Indeed, his family knew it, but failed to speak up, wanting only to get him safely married. As she took her STEP into the church that day, she was like an innocent to the slaughter. Though no one knew at the time. At the end, there was almost a STREAM of applause as she made her way down the aisle of the church, her arm in his.

Everything was not TRANSPARENT that day. Though it should have been. The very air outside the church felt vibrant, in the warm sunshine. Soon, the congregation joined them, each with their TUBE of confetti.

Later, years later, he whispered to her,

“I am digging your grave.”


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