This poem is amazing. I share a lot in common with this blogger, but he has put into words EXACTLY what my own fear feels like in a much better poem than I could ever write. If you want to “Like’ it please please put your “Like” on his blog, not mine. I hope you like this poem as much as I do.

Don’t want to acknowledge it

But it’s there, that’s for sure

A piss – yellow streak of cowardice

And a lump that chokes your throat raw

So scared I could vomit up an organ

A whole stomach or a liver

Anything to compose the knees

Or disguise a shameful quiver

Butterflies rattling round my insides

Like adrenalin – filled syringes with wings

Shredded from their cocoons

Embedded in tombs like foolish kings

The comfort of possessions

The terror of paralysis

Yes I am afraid

Does your fear feel like this?

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