Our government has just announced that us sheilded ones can meet up to six other people in a bubble, from July 6th!  I better go buy my cans of bubbles!


Now we’re out
Though we’re in
Where are we?

Where’s my bubble.
Oh you’re there
Who’s in it?

Nice in here
Who are you?
I like you


26 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU?

  1. It is my wife’s birthday next week. After I told my daughter that the local pub was doing takeout meals, my daughter suggested that she could become part of our bubble, and by the way could enjoy a meal with us. I shan’t repeat my response, but it contained the word “off”.

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  2. Yay! Don’t burst your bubbles too soon my friend. We’re all gathered around SW MO living in our own bubble. And not always in groups of 6, nor 10….


  3. blindzanygirl

    Hi wendi. Well I was in the shielded group, because of extreme vulnerabilitydue to serious health problems. Our government created this group at the beginning of lockdown, and there are two million of us. We were not allowed out, even when the general pooulation was. The general population had the rules relaxed a little while ago, in that they can now meet other people in “bubbles” of 6 people. But it always has to be the same 6 people. And they cannot go into each other’ s houses. They have to meet outside. But we, as the shielded group, because if we caught the virus we would die, had not been allowed out. But today our government announced that from 6th. July, we too will be able to meet in a bubble of 6 people. But that is all. We cannot go into shops like ither people. That is too dangerous. But we have been guven this little bit of freedom now. And in August, we will be back to faurly normal and we wilk be able to go into shops again, because the virus numbers are falling now. We are past the peak. We still have to do the 2 metre social distancing though. That will not change for a long time, but there is talk of it being reduced to 1 metre. That’s it. A bit complicated though 😊

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  4. wow………there are moments when I can’t remember not wearing a mask in public and staying 6 feet away from people.
    So how are YOU doing? You have been inside for so long, it must be very difficult.

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  5. blindzanygirl

    We have been going out in the car every afternoon. We go to that little ancient church that I have written about called St, Eduths. But we can’t go in because it is locjed. But the grounds are lively and it is oeaceful.

    We can’t wait whileWednesday night as then, we will know that we have not got botulism. We eat Primula cgeese soread a lot, with bits of ham in. It comes in a squeezy tube. Last Tuesday there was a recall as botulism had been found in tubes. They gave out the Best Before dates that had been affected, and we had eaten antube with that date in 2 days previous. Though the normak incubation period for botulism is 2 hours up to 72 hours, it can be as long as 8 days. So we are not in the ckear. Botulism is a very serious disease and often kills. Botulism isbthe most lethal bacteria known to man. It is scary.

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  6. wow! that is so very, very scary and I have sent up a prayer that you will not get sick from this.
    I am so happy you are still getting out every afternoon……..this makes my heart happy. The church sounds amazing…….I bet it is also beautiful.

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  7. blindzanygirl

    There are. But I will post some. If you want to look it up, google St, Ediths Church Coates by Stow. I have pictures from inside the church too, but I need my husband’s help to post photos. I intend to write mire about it,

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  8. 𝑹𝒐𝑩𝑰𝑵 🌋

    Lol, yeah all this talk of bubbles is funny. It’s surprisingly specific. I’m not holding my breath on people actually sticking to it 😆.


  9. oh my goodness! I googled it and a bunch of pictures came up of both inside and outside the church. it is so old that if the walls could talk, the history we could hear! it looks like a place you would feel very close to God.


  10. wow………what an amazing place to visit. I would want to visit as often as possible too. I love the shelf that you can lay flowers or cards to honor loved ones. Thank you so very much for sharing Lorraine. Seeing the photos and reading the descriptions has brought peace to my day.

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  11. blindzanygirl

    Bless you dear wendi. I am SO glad. I got peace there today too, just sitting outside. Some of my cards are in that Memory corner. Also a Votive Light Stand that is antique that I bought for the church following my cancer, as they prayed for me. I call it the Eternal Light stand. I have been writing about the Eternal Light today. And today, our government has announced that churches can gather for worship again on July 4th. Life is moving on! Not sure I feel safe, but we will see! Xx

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  12. oh my goodness, this is an active church?! that makes looking at all the pictures and descriptions even more special…….thank you for sharing all this beauty with me and others. I would love to be able to sit with you and enjoy this sacred place for an afternoon.

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  13. blindzanygirl

    Wendi, they only have a Service once a month as there are only about eight or nine of them. You can share it with me if you like, once it is open again, and if therecare no stewards there, as I can record myself speaking on my mobile, and then I could send the recording to you via email. Before they re-open, I could record something in the grounds. I guess this wilk be one of the last churches to open actually. They may take a luttle while. But nothing tovstop me recording in the grounds, i wilk do that wendi. God bless you my dearvfriend. ❤️❤️❤️

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