Fandango’s Friday Flashback

Here is what I posted on this date last year, for Fandango’s Word Challenge. The word was OVERJOYED. Enjoy:-
Fandango’s Friday Flashback — July 31

Charlie had been OVERJOYED. He had found the key to life and all things. But having found it he had promptly lost it. How on EARTH could that have happened?

It hadn’t been a bad morning, as mornings go. Up early, swallowing a chemist’s shop to keep his various illnesses and conditions under control (they did have a tendency to be rather unruly), getting washed and dressed, then making his way to Mass. He’d always wondered about life and the world, because he had one of those square brains that had to have everything in order and everything in its place. He couldn’t deal with anomalies, and there were plenty of them. Nothing in the Universe ever seemed to fit perfectly. There were strange bits here and there that just did not seem to make sense or relate to anything else. They just kind of stuck out like a sore thumb.

So, you can imagine what Charlie must have felt like when, on parking up in the church car park, his car keys were suddenly on fire in his hands. He was transported, and suddenly saw everything. The universe in all its glory, and the answers to everything. And he hadn’t even got into Mass yet!

In that moment his life was transformed. Everything made sense, and everything was wonderful. However, needs must, and he had to get himself into Mass yet, which was quite a tricky operation in itself, since he had to go in on crutches, one of his many illnesses having behaved REALLY badly, thus taking away his ability to walk properly.

Once in Mass, Charlie went back to being his usual self, except that he had a greater joy than before. Suddenly, the words he was saying made sense. They leapt into life for him. He’d heard about religious experiences, but, much to his annoyance, he’d never had one. But now, things were different. In fact he had a job stopping himself shouting “Hallelujah” at the top of his voice. Instead though, his “Amen” was said just a little bit louder and more forcibly. He didn’t, after all, want to draw attention to himself, or make himself look foolish with too much enthusiasm.

The end of Mass finally came. Charlie rooted in his pocket for his car keys – but they were not THERE! Panic stations. They were the key to the Universe. Oh my God, what was he going to do? He could just imagine God saying to him,

“You see, I can’t trust you with ANYTHING.”

As if Charlie didn’t know this anyway. His wife said it to him three or four times a day. But this was DIFFERENT. It was the key to the UNIVERSE, not just the front door.

“Well that’s YOUR fault,” Charlie imagined himself saying back to God. “You know what I’m like. You created me this way.”

Charlie hunted everywhere for the keys, including in the Disabled toilets. But……nothing! He stood in the corridor looking wan. As he stood, Bill came by, and asked him what was wrong.

“I’ve lost my car keys,” Charlie said.

“Oh dear,” said Bill, “I’d better help you look for them then.”

Bill rooted around for a while, in various nooks and crannes, not realising the importance of these keys. But he found nothing. Eventually he went back into the church, to the pew where Charlie had been sitting. Maybe they had fallen out of his pocket onto the floor during the Alleluia.

Soon, the priest came to join him. No longer in his celestial robes, he went down on his knees and scrabbled around underneath the pew. No sign of any keys.

Bill, accompanied by the priest, made his way to the church car park where Charlie was waiting anxiously. No one knew the secret of the keys, not even the priest, and God only knew what HE would say if he knew the truth.

Suddenly, Doris appeared, and saw everyone looking perturbed.

“What’s wrong?’ she inquired.

“It’s Charlie’s car keys. We can’t find them,” said Bill. The priest nodded.

“Oh I know where they are,” Doris said. “They’re in my handbag. I was doing a bit of cleaning and I found them so put them in my handbag for safekeeping.”

Then, with great aplomb, she produced from her rather scruffy handbag, the key to the Universe.

“Alleluia,” said Charlie, with much more enthusiasm and conviction than he had ever had in church. His joy was now unbounded.!


Willow weeps sad tears
When autumn’s glory passes
Winter undresses

Tears turn to joy Spring
Begins to clothe the branches
Life returns again

Full summer’s heat leaves
Thick with the fullness of life
Joy in abundance

Colours glowing leaves
Filling us with the delights
That autumn brings us

Soon leaves die and fall
Becoming dust on the ground
Saying we are dust


Yesterday you came to me
In dappled green and gold
A distance kept between us
Words flew through the air

In dappled green and gold
We plumbed the murky depths
Words flew through the air
Landing in our hearts

We plumbed the murky depths
Trying to understand the words
Landing in our hearts
The sun shone down on us

Trying to understand the words
Piecing together the past
The sun shone down on us
Whilst still six feet apart

Piecing together the past
Our hearts were joined as one
Whilst still six feet apart
Our bodies could not touch

Our hearts were joined as one
The moments grew into hours
Our bodies could not touch
The ache grew in our hearts

The moments grew into hours
Until we said goodbye
The ache grew in our hearts
Nothing more was said

Until we said goodbye
We felt the heat of the sun
A distance kept between us
Words flew through the air


Beyond what is possible

Comes the impossible

Trying to go beyond

You broke today

For so long

You kept it together

But today

You let it go

And ripped your heart in two

Tried beyond bearing

And now

I have to pick you up

Off the floor

Put you together again

And see your fragility


Soon will come

The breaking of all time

And who then

Will pick you up?


“We’ve hit a HITCH,”Stan shouted, his head poking up from out of the hole in the ground. Normally he had rather a pale complexion, but today it was puce, and he was sweating profusely.

Bertha couldn’t for the life of her understand what was going on, but it seemed to be something to do with drains and Water Boards. It all seemed a bit OBTUSE to her. But she was used to Stan peering up at her from holes in the ground. He and holes seemed to have an attraction for one another. She had lost count of the number of holes that had suddenly apeared in their garden, always occupied by Stan.

Usually, whatever was going on in the hole, Stan managed to deal with. But this one was different. No longer was he in his element, but was sporting the most anguished face she had ever seen. It was obvious, he was beat.

Just then, Cyril, from up the road, walked by.

“What’s up mate?” he inquired, seeing the puce coloured face peering up at him.

“It’s the stop cock,” Stan replied. “I can’t turn it off.”

“Here, let me have a look,” said Cyril.

In a trice, he saw what the problem was.

“You’ve been turning it the wrong way mate.”

In all his years of inhabiting holes, Stan had never done anything so stupid and dumb before. But boy, was he pleased that Cyril had spotted the problem.

“Thanks mate. You’re a STAR,” said Stan.