WHAT  are they going to get to next?

i just saw on Facebook the exact same thing I posted about here, the other day, about how we have to have sex now.  It is creeping all over the world.  WHAT an intrusion. Where will it all end?


  1. What? We are now being ordered to have sex? I obviously have missed something could you please explain. And jesh being ordered to makes it boring and no fun…..people might stop having sex then……maybe that is the true goal? LOL I come up with the weirdest thoughts. Have a great day. 🙂

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Hi Jay. They are telling people that they cannot kiss during sex, and that they have to wear a mask for sex, and they must not use a facebto face position. 😀 we had this said in the U.K. and todayI saw this being goven out in Australia again. Can you imagine? Lol. I posted about it the other day. The mind boggles!

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  3. I hope (and strongly suspect) that most people will take absolutely no notice of this advice whatsoever. Of course for those indulging in casual sex (one-night stand situations), its advisable to use protection but (even in such situations) many people don’t, so I again suspect that most individuals will go on as human beings have gone on since the dawn of humanity. There are, of course those who obtain a positive kick out of wearing masks, but these people are, I feel sure already wearing them! Seriously, as I’ve said before, the authorities should butt out of people’s bedrooms!

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  4. Yes it’s sad and shocking too. But the light, love will always win. That’s why it’s even more important now to shine our light brightly so it can dissolve the darkness. Your light always shines brightly… I feel it in your words. 🙏🏻❤️

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