Christine stood there looking superior, as she leaned against the school wall. She was tall and thin, neatly dressed as usual, with her hair in a tidy bob. Surrounded by a group of girls, she was heard to say, quite plainly, “I like Elvis.”

Jill looked at Christine in shocked surprise. Christine had always, before, proclaimed fiercely her loyalty to Cliff. Most of the girls liked Elvis, and you were either in one group or the other, Elvis being the more raunchy choice. Cliff was seen as clean cut, and the choice of the “nicer” girls.

For some reason Jill’s hackles rose, at this sudden, unexpected turn of events.

“But you like Cliff,” she spat out at Christine. Incensed, Christine spat back,

“Don’t you tell me who I like. I know who I like.”

Jill felt betrayed. Always, she had felt Christine to be on her side, in defending Cliff, against the more aggressively sexual Elvis. It was a matter of morals and decency to Jill. But here was Christine, going over onto the other side. She knew Christine well. Well enough to know that she had done this to find acceptance amongst the other girls. It was more hip to like Elvis, and Christine was not going to be seen as a whimp.

Jill’s eyes began to flash, and she moved towards Christine aggressively. All the other girls looked on in shock, as Jill suddenly started to go for Christine, clawing at her with her nails, and drawing blood. Then, she started to pull at Christine’s hair, until it came out in great clumps.

Christine fought back, until there were clumps of hair, and blood everywhere.

“I’ll FINISH you off,” yelled out the usually pristine Christine. “Don’t you ever tell me who I like again.”

(This tells you my age lol)

13 thoughts on “#FOWC

  1. I’m drawn at once to the subtle Christian undertone in this lovely vignette, Lorraine. A perfect Sunday morning tale of good and evil / Old Testament rock n roll. I would love to hear my pastor begin his sermon like this!

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