Cheryl surveyed the scene out of the kitchen window, lost in a reverie about what she might do today. Suddenly, there was a loud “POP” and she spun round to see toast flying out of the toaster and up into the air. Deftly, and with a bit of a leap, she caught it.

“Phew, that’s a strong toaster,” she thought. “I think I’ll go back to my old one.”

It wasn’t exactly her day. She attempted to fill the kettle from the MIXER taps but for some reason no water came out, or at least, it was only a trickle. At that point she received a text from the Water Board announcing that the water in her area was going to be off for a while. Sighing, she turned to the fridge, to get a drink of milk, and in the process knocked a jar of her favourite GARNISH onto the floor where it promptly broke.

Cheryl wondered whether she ought to go back to bed for a while, and then start all over again!

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