Written for Sadje’s What Do You See prompt #47 – A RIOT OF COLOUR

If Jade had been asked to paint a picture of her life, she would not have known what kind of a picture to paint. One thing for sure – it would have been incomplete. Quite elderly now, she had gone through much. But she still had time left.

She sat and thought. What was the predominant colour in her life? She liked red. Nowadays, everything seemed to be bright red for her. Firstly, she liked it. Many cancer patients went for red, or bright pink – a sign that they still had life in them, and that there was still hope. Black was a definite no no. Death was certainly not on the cards, even though many of them had been told they were terminal. Red was a good colour for Jade, her cancer treatment having made her blind – well, apart from the colour red. She could still see that. Sunsets were a wondrous glory to her, for those she could still see. Often, on an evening, she would sit looking at the sunset, and the blazing red creep across the sky. Fiery red, like her spirit.

So would she paint her life red? Maybe. She had had to have a fiery spirit to get through. But blue? Ah now. She loved blue too. Not because she felt blue, but because it had restful qualities. Once she had painted her bedroom a dreamy powder blue colour. She loved it. Sometimes she could hardly leave it as it induced in her a dream like state. So, did she want to paint her life blue?

Green? Oh definitely green figured prominently. A child of the earth, and nature. That described her well. Often she had desired only to sink into the green of the earth, and stay there for ever.

Jade contemplated. Perhaps she should just start painting the picture and see where that led her. In her mind, she got out the paint palette and made a few brush strokes. She could not see properly what she was doing, but was desperate to make some kind of impression on the paper. After all, weren’t blind people colourless? Often overlooked. Often drab and dull. Often the silent ones, their voices drowned out by the cacophony of sound made by the rest of the world. But no, not a bit of that was true.

Jade sat and contemplated a bit more. Who cared what kind of a picture came out? If it ended up as a riot of jangled up colours? Soon, the white paper was half covered in the most riotous colours that Jade could not even see. But inside, she sighed a sigh of contentment. She had done something that most would have said was impossible. She had begun to paint a picture.

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