October always was a weird month
What with witches and ghoulies
1962 was weirder than ever
The world
On the verge
Of nuclear war
Or so we thought
Jokes at lunch time
About not getting home from school
Taking to our nuclear bunkers
That we hadn’t got
But maybe
Just maybe
The school shed might protect us
We laughed
We joked
But inside
We were scared
Shitting ourselves
I remember it
Sitting in the classroom
In the middle of French
Staring out of the window
Not with it at all
But lost in some reverie
Of never seeing my parents again
We were all going to be blown to smithereens
Before the afternoon was out
Who cared about French
When the whole world was going to die
And there I was
In my reverie
When suddenly
The words rang out
“Lorraine Holden what are you doing
Why are you not paying attention?”
How could I say “I’m scared Miss”
She was a brute
The French teacher
Surely she should have known
We were all there shitting ourselves
This was it
The world in nuclear war
All over some bloody missiles
Not that we understood it
Not really
I got Detention
For staring out of the window
In fear
No one was talking
Laughing or giggling in class
It was deadly silent
As we all waited

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