The door to eternity was locked that day
As a deadly disease stalked the land
Grief filled my heart and my joy was gone
All in a moment while little lambs played
Green were their pastures black was my earth
I felt that day that my grave had been dug

Is eternity still behind the door?

I had been there so many times before
Seen inside the light in the dark
Now it seemed that all light had gone
And the world had become a fearful place
Many were dying and many more would
While eternity dwelt behind the locked door
No hand held out to help them through
The door to compassion locked even in death

Is eternity still behind the door?

No answer comes to the question asked
The whole wide world is turned upside down
Many more doors have now been locked
All we can do is live with the pain
And hope that relief will soon come to our world
And disease no longer stalk the land

Is eternity still behind the door?

11 thoughts on “THE LOCKED DOOR

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh how beautiful a thought Ingrid. Thankyou SO much. You are SO right. Love is everything. Bless you for saying that. Ooh, George Harrison – Icwill listen to that right now 😊

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh Ingrid, the song is beautiful. Thankyou. The poem I wrote was inspired by going to a little church that I used to go to a lot before the pandemic. It was always open, and I used to go in there to think. There was never anyone else there, butwhen you opened that woiden door that was very heavy, youbfelt as if youvwere walking into eternity. It was lovely. But now thevdoirnis locked becayse ofbthe pandemic and no one can go in. I wrote that poem sat outside the locjed door. But in face eternity does not just exist behind doirs. It exists anyway. Bthat poemcwas just the way that locked door seemed to express irself to me. 😊

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