Yesterday we ended up at Black Bank, a wide open space with big skies.  In front of us as we sat, was the hugest open field you could ever imagine.  Lincolnshire, England.  The Harvest is done and the fields are ploughed now, ready to be planted with something again.  From emptiness to eventual fullness.  But I relived beautiful times there.  Like the time the ospreys stayed for a week on their way back to warmer climes.  Two flew very low over my head one day, to my sheer amazement and delight. I could see their beautiflul colours underneath them.  Such beautiful birds.
And I remembered the four crows we once saw doing a dance in the field.  So funny.
But we had gone there from the little church where I like to go to think.  It now has chains inside it, to prevent you going places in it. It is so tiny anyway that eight people seem to fill it.  So with the chains as well now, it has a horrible feel.  The locked door for most of the week feels terrible too.  Not how a church should be.  Then, the other day there were Notices everywhere.  You weren’t allowed to do anything at all.  Plus there was a QR Code on the gatepost of the church.  We had had enough.
The wide open spaces of Black Bank, where the birds can fly free revived me. No chains there. Just pure freedom.  
I do not think that God, if there is one, wears chains!  Or IS chained!


  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Jonathon. Absolutely. Which is why we went there. There was more of God there than inside that church or with religious people. God has no boundaries. He is freedom

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