Take Seven 30th. October


The ancient iron CHEST stood in the corner. It was engraved on her memorry. Susie had tried to to BEG to get into the old building. Normally it was open all the time, but since the virus things had been very different. Everything had had to be locked up. Susie was heartbroken, as it was her Go To place always when life got tough. It wouldn’t have been everybody’s CUP of tea, being so old and dark, and, in the winter, very cold. But there was something about it for Susie. In the current situation however, she had been denied entry. She had to CURTAIL her desires. Her DESK was covered in notes and bits of paper where she had begun to write about the place, although she hardly knew where to begin. She would have loved to have been able to DRAW, as there was nothing like a good pencil drawing, she felt. This lockdown due to the virus felt awful. Almost FINAL. There were no HALF measures.

Susie, in her desperation, began to HOUND the churchwarden, wondering when the building was going to open up again. It was steeped in history, and it was almost All Hallows Eve. A very special time for Susie. The very first time she had been into the building, she had felt there to be so many souls in the walls, all with their own stories to tell.

On that first day that she had entered the building, she had had a snoop round, and found, behind the altar, an old blue VELVET curtain. Obviously it had known better days! But oh how glad she had been to find the building OPEN. There were also some papers tied up with RIBBON behind the altar. How intriguing, Susie thought.

Susie hardly dared tell anybody her feelings about the place. People would have thought her barmy, and have deemed her in need of a SHRINK. Souls in walls were not exactly the order of the day with most people. But Susie was convinced.

She let out a long SIGH, sitting in her Study. She hadn’t had much SLEEP lately, her mind being very disturbed by the virus. She looked at the SMALL photograph of the place that she had on her desk. Was this ever going to be over? She made up a long SPEECH in her mind, to give to the Diocese about the closing of the church. After all, churches were meant to be open…..weren’t they? She didn’t expect she would get anywhere, but all she could do was TRY.

Suddenly, the WIND began to blow, and a door slammed to. Susie jumped. Then she looked at her watch. It was midnight on October 31st.

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