Than your own breath
Is the comfort you seek
In Love do we have our being
Though pain
Our spirits, we reach out and touch
That which is deep within
And find that Love

Dark nights
Of weeping leave
Us weak, our hearts open,
In our weakness we find our true strength
In love
That will never let us go, holds
Us safely in strong arms
Absorbing tears
That fall

You will find rest,
Deep peace beyond measure
It is not far away, but here,
Your heart
Knows it,
Go inside your heart, dear child, lay
Your head down on Love’s breast,
Cry your tears and be soothed,
Trust in this Love,
So deep


I posted a while ago that my husband had started slurring his speech. It seems that he had a slight stroke, but all he has to do is rest. At times it is better, and his speech will probably come back in time.

It certainly is an interesting life, with him not being able to talk and him not being able to see, and both of us in wheelchairs. But we go on.

All the lights in the house went out on Saturday night and we had to get an emergency electrician out. That was interesting too. Now hubby knows a bit of what it is like to be blind and he found it frightening.

Life goes on, as it always has to. Scary at times. Painful at times, but always with a glimmer of light.


Circling round at the end of the path
Taking in all that life has been
Gathering good and bad alike
Embracing all that has been
Hearing only the voice of my God
Silencing others within
Though my eyes are dim and my sight has gone
I do not need eyes to see
My heart has eyes and my soul has ears
My God speaks clearly to me
Those clanging voices I will ignore
For only one voice is true
Its name is Love and Love above all
A lifetime has taught me to know it
So oft have doubts and fears filled my path
But now I am at the end
No more am I walking but circling round
Just waiting for the call
A life I carry within my soul
My offering to my God
And so now I wait in the silence of Love
As the Dance goes on for ever


Colours now have disappeared
I live in a world of grey
Life for me is now awfully weird
There’s nothing more to say

I live in a world of grey
Looking for some light
There’s nothing more to say
About my awful plight

Looking for some light
My eyes begin to hurt
About my awful plight
My tears fall in the dirt

My eyes begin to hurt
I rub them with my hands
My tears fall in the dirt
Blindness killed my plans

I rub them with my hands
But nothing makes me see
Blindness killed my plans
This is how it will be

Nothing makes me see
Except my heart within
This is how it will be
Colours now have disappeared


A woman cries,
Hunched low,
In rhythmic sway,
Cradles the child
Who danced
In celebration fields
Of gold.

Soft days
In gentle sand
Lapped body’s shore,
While sunny stories
In darkening crook
Of summer’s arm.
A woman moans
Her last goodbye
To childhood’s startled innocence
Then slowly turns,
In ever widening circling dance
To greet
New sunlight’s
Golden dawn


Yesterday we drove through the forest again. It felt like I was in fairyland even though I could not see it. It reminded me ofbthis poem that I wrote

Your darkness holds
All that I am, have known
Hiding in you I am safe, held
Plays joyfully, dancing, twirling,
Until I am dizzy,
Lost in your world