I posted a while ago that my husband had started slurring his speech. It seems that he had a slight stroke, but all he has to do is rest. At times it is better, and his speech will probably come back in time.

It certainly is an interesting life, with him not being able to talk and him not being able to see, and both of us in wheelchairs. But we go on.

All the lights in the house went out on Saturday night and we had to get an emergency electrician out. That was interesting too. Now hubby knows a bit of what it is like to be blind and he found it frightening.

Life goes on, as it always has to. Scary at times. Painful at times, but always with a glimmer of light.

12 thoughts on “UPDATE ON HUBBY AND US

  1. I feel bad “liking” this post. I hope that little taste of darkness will produce a little more compassion and patience for your situation. So glad the lights are fixed and pray the problem won’t be a recurring one!

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  2. I’m with Val in hoping your Hubby will be a bit more considerate towards you. Glad you got the lights fixed. A friend lost her power on Friday and at first thought it was a power cut, but she had lights, just nothing to the wall sockets. She has insurance through her electricity supplier who were there within the hour and they gave her the number for an emergency electrician. Her wiring is almost as old as she is, but luckily they didn’t try to rip her off and discovered the culprit was a snail that had somehow got inside the plug on her tumble drier in the garage and blew the fuse.

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou wendi. It is God that keeps me going. Without Him I would not be able to go on. Staying where and as I am is my only option. And my chouce. Because of God. ❤️

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