It was the FESTIVE season. Or meant to be. Jose made herself look PRETTY, for once. She wasn’t given to bothering too much about clothes or make up. Not like the other girls. But for some reason she decided to make an effort.

It was the College Christmas party. She hated Christmas anyway. In fact she ddn’t know why she was going. It was a short walk to the College, and she put on just a flimsy jacket over her party gear. Soon she was at the College gates, and at that moment it started to sile it down with rain. She tried to run, but her high heeled shoes would not let her run very fast. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her, and felt someone coming up close to her.

“Here, this will keep you DRY.”

She recognised the voice. It was Stu, someone whom she had admired for a long time – from a distance. He came alongside her, holding a huge umbrella over her.

In that moment everything changed. Her heart began to beat fast. It was going to be a good evening.

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