I am posting this poem again because something that happened last night reminded me of the experience that inspured this poem.

It happened in 2016. I was fairly blind by then, but was aware of when it was light and when it was dark. I could see shapes and a little bit of colour. I could not see faces.

I had had a very bad day in which there had been a lot of hurt with people I knew calling me stand offish and snobbish because I did not wave and smile when they waved and smiled at me. Yet they knew I was blind.

I went, that night, to the little church where I often go for some peace and a time of contemplation. I sat there, in the dark, feeling like a stone. Suddenly I had the sensation of the darkness putting its arms around me and comforting me. It was a very profound experience for me.

Last night, we returned to that place as we often do. I could not go into the church because it is now locked due to Covid. But once again I was in the total darkness, and stillness, and I was taken back to that experience. I realised , once again, how beautiful the darkness is. And as I realised it, suddenly, a Little Owl was calling close by. It was, for me, the most beautiful sound. But here is the poem that I wrote in 2016.

Arms of the dark,
Envelop my body,
All now is still, silence my friend,
I sink
The deep,
Rest in the arms of the darkness,
My soul finds peace again,
Time is no more
Marked out


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