In vast
Skies that hold
Stars of the night
A soul finds itself
Riding upon the lights
Dispelling all the darkness
Looking down at the weary earth
Knowing a better place has been found
The search has ended a new light has dawned

7 thoughts on “A DAWNING

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh yes, us too. Not celebrating at all! But we are kind of doing okay. At the moment we have no heating and no oven, both having broken down. But we hope to have the heating mended soon. We are a but chilly but thank goodness we have no snow

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  2. That sounds a bit rough for you two right now. I am sorry to hear about what happened. Pray and ask God for help and guidance. We should all be asking fo rhis repentance for our sins. I know it helps to improve our lives. I hope all is good my dear friend. It has snowed abit here once again. Take care !!

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