Watching the days go by, waiting
Daylight plays on frosted windows
Now is the coldest part of the year
The night owl calls from the trees
Letting me know I am not alone
Darkness comes before the dawning

Though I am blind I see light dawning
Much of my time is spent in waiting
Both in light and in dark I am never alone
Sounds of life come through the windows
Birds are gathering in the trees
Now it is almost the end of the year

I say Goodbye to the passing year
Soon there will be a new year dawning
Leaves will come again on the trees
This is just a time of waiting
I am glad of the light coming through the windows
Even the dead are not alone

In dying we say we are alone
None of us knows the day nor the year
Does the beyond have any windows
Is it really a time of dawning
Questions come within the waiting
Whilst the birds fubd a home in the trees

I remember when I hid in the trees
As a child when I was so alone
In the dark I was waiting waiting
Whatever was the time of the year
One day I thought there would be a dawning
In the mornings I stared through the windows

In life there always are some windows
And always the birds sing in the trees
Always there will be a time of dawning
Though often we may feel alone
Who knows what will come with each new year
May hope stay alive in the waiting

Looking through the windows waiting
Alone whilst the birds sing their songs in the trees
Soon there will be a new year dawning

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