I am feeling the most incredible feelings today – sitting here holding in my hands a book. It is called FAE DREAMS, published by FAE CORPS PUBLISHING INC in which six of my poems have been published. WOW!

When I first started writing poetry seriously I never thought I would ever be published, i did not think I was good enough!

I did self publish six books which I sold for the Lymphoma Association, which was the cancer that I had. But to actually be published by someone else is the most amazing feeling in the world. Thankyou Fae Corps Publishing for including me in this Anthology.

The book is available on Amazon, though in the U.K. there seems to be a dearth of the hard copies, though you can get it in Kindle form. In the U.K. there were only a few hard copies available and they were in large print form. This problem does not extend to other countries, where the hard copy is available.

The book is lovely, with great graphics,and I feel so proud and honoured to be included.

21 thoughts on “SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY

  1. Congratulatins and well done Lorraine… I’m a bit jealous, I’ve yet to receive my book, but hopefully soon… and I was having trouble getting a copy on Australian Amazon..

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Gosh Ivor. I didn’t realise there were problems in otger countries too. I pyrchased mine at normal price, for Christmas presents but they have only just arrived. I don’t know what the problem is. We have emailed tgem three times about it, but no positive response yet. The last we knew, someone was looking into it. I wonder if maybe you should email them too, then they will know there is a bigger problem?

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  3. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your thoughts with poetry!.. hope the new year is all that you wish for it to be and every day is filled with peace, love and happiness!.. πŸ™‚

    Until we meet again..
    May the love that you give
    Always return to you,
    That family and friends are many
    And always remain true,
    May your mind only know peace
    No suffering or strife,
    May your spirit only know love and happiness
    On your journey through life.
    (Larry β€œDutch” Woller)


  4. blindzanygirl

    The hard copies are hard to get Pete. I dont know why. I had a job getting one too. I am glad you have your Kindle version though. Thankyou so much xx

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