#FOWC. Trouble

FOWC with Fandango — Trouble

TROUBLE had followed her all of her life. She never quite knew why. Her father was the same. Nearly ended up in the river one day! There they were, going along in the car, when suddenly they found themselves going up a grassy embankment.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” she yelled at her father, as they teetered perilously near to the top of the steep embankment, over which was the river.

“This is the right way,” he insisted.

“Right way to where?” she barked at him.

It wasn’t only embankments, and they had been up a few. It was dual carriageways as well. He never could get the hang of dual carriageways, especially when they had to turn right off one of them. It was ridiculous. They were only on their way to the fish and chip shop, which was deemed to be one of the best in the area. The only problem was, it was in a little village a few miles away from their town. People flocked to it, as the owners fried the fish and chips in an old coal fired range. Jemima wondered how that could make the fish and chips taste any better. But everyone seemed to think that it did. So there they were, on their way to sample the delights of fish and chips cooked in an old range, when it happened. He pulled over to the right, and waited in the waiting area, to go up the road that went to the fish and chip shop when suddenly he lost all his senses. Jemima screamed as they started going up the road into the oncoming traffic.

“Back up again Dad. Back up.”

Nervoulsy yet sheepishly, he backed up. She pointed vigorously to the road down which they should have gone. He followed her finger.

Jemima could never understand why he was like this. Until one day she found herself driving down an ancient track that seemed to be going nowhere. Very soon she found herself in a filed of cows.

“What the hell. Am I doing here?” She exclaimed to herself.

He’d been dead a few years, b ut she could have sworn she heard him laughing in the seat behind her.

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