Written For Rag Tag Daily Prompt


I know my place. Under you. It didn’t take long to learn it. If it had you’d have smashed my face in. In fact you did – smash a few things I mean. Mostly mine. And nearly my face too. I soon learned that you were the important one. You the Master, I the child. If I was a good girl everything was okay, and I might get some sweeties. But if I was a bad girl everything was horrid. I learned how to be a good girl. How always to put you first. To bow to you like you were a god. You were the important one. Never me. And you might not have smashed my face in, but you did other bits. Yes, my figers – where it wouldn’t show. But wait a minute – what were those marks around my neck where you tried to strangle me? I took myself off to the doctor’s and she looked, but then dismissed me. Just like always. Tess was always dismissed. Never important. Never listened to. Yet now, she is strangely ELOQUENT!

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