We arrived in the Spring, and the path had been levelled. It had been two years since we had been in that beloved place. Then, the path was rough, just like the journey I had been on. I had always wanted to climb Everest, and during these last two years I had been told that this was my Everest. It felt like much more than climbing Everest. It felt like climbing multiple Everests. I forgot about this beloved place during that time. It was erased from my memory as my world became taken up with hospitals and chemotherapy. And dying – for I received the Last Rites. I lived! And now I had to come to my beloved place, to re-unite with Her who was inside. It was with great joy that we discovered that the path into the ancient stone building had been levelled. The journey in would be easy. I had climbed my Everests, and now I was here.

The journey was long
I forgot my Beloved
Waiting long for me

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