I just want to say a Big Thankyou to all of you for your lovely, kind comments on my poems and other posts. It is all of you who have kept me going through some very hard times that I have been going through lately. Often, it is you who have picked me up, just with your kind comments, when no one else could, and this life was so shitty.

That’s all I want to say really. Thankyou to you all. Much love to you all too.

18 thoughts on “A BIG THANKYOU

  1. blindzanygirl

    Bless you Ingrid. Thankyou so much. I have tried to comment on a few of your poems but for some reason it won’t accept my comments. But I saw your wonderful birthday poem. WOW, what a WONDERFUL poem. A very very very happy birthday a bit belatedly. I hope you had a wonderful day. I will get my old iPad out and see if that one will let me comment. It seems to be an incompatibility between the newer ones, and WordPress. Sigh. Anyway, much much love to you Ingrid, and Thankyou SO much for the hug. Much appreciated. Hugs back – and smiles too.

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