FOWC with Fandango — Superior
She gave off an air of being SUPERIOR. Ways right. Intolerant of anyone whom she deemed stupid. It was quite a common experience to get ashed by her to gue and made to deel small.

Then, one night she was on the phone yelling,

“Get me fags. Get me fags.” We, Joan and Geoff that is, tried to explain to her hat there was nowhere open to get her fags from. But she insisted.

“Get me fags. Gat mevfags.”

She was becoming more and more aggressive, and we ended up putting the phone down on her.

The next morning we heard. She had been taken to the police station and gad spent a night in the cells for throwing a television out of a window from a great height.

“So that’s what being superior gets you,’ remarked Geoff.

“Hmmm,” said Joan. “Wonder what she’ll do next.”

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