She was about to INHERIT rather a lot of money. Not that there had ever been a BOND between her and her mother. For that was who she was to inherit the money from. It was strange. Part of her wanted the money – itcwould help her quite a lot at the moment – and part if her didn’t. Yet she would have felt CHEATED if she had not got any ofbthe money, as her mother had ubdicated would bevtge case. In the end, she died having made a will, but never having signed it. Having gone to Probate, everything was about to be CLOSED off.

Sally would be quite COMFORTABLE in a cew week’s time. Her mother had now been DEAD for over a year, abd she hadbjust about got used to the idea of her being dead. Her emotions, however, werexquite CONFUSING. Now, everything was happening almost by DEFAULT. Sometimes Sally felt that life was going to be EASY nowvthat thecwicked witch was out of her life, but sometimes her feelings were IMPOSSIBLE to understand.

In thinking about things, Sally hsd no idea at all where she would put the money. Nothing was making any INTEREST nowadays. Sally was quite INQUISITIVE though, as to what might be offered her if she shopped around a bit. It was quite a large sum of money to be dealing with.

Although Sally had a brother and a sister, she had never felt that they were really KIN. I deed, ger motger had made it that way. Sally was not married but often she had felt like taking a LOVER, as she didn’t really want commitment. That was something else that her motger hadcdone to her. In a way she was really quite a distant person, not wanting close involvement with anybody. Now wasvthe time, however, when REALITY was beginning to hit her. And she was feelibg uncomfortable in her SKIN. But the one thing that her mother had never been able to touch was her SOUL. Deep deep inside her there was something TENDER. She loved to TOUCH the petals of a rose, and to deel a WISP of hair on her cheek in the early morning breeze. Yes, despite all, she was quite a child of nature.

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