It is Hope’s birthday today. She is four years old today and she is still like a puppy. Sadly she is on a diet at the moment on the instruction of the vet! She became rather addicted to meaty chews. And my husband became rather addicted to giving them to her and now the vet informs us that she is quite overweight! So she has not been able to have a treat on her birthday except extra hugs! I am not too sure that she is very pleased!

12 thoughts on “HOPE’S BIRTHDAY

  1. blindzanygirl

    Lol I know. I was angry with my husband because he is the one who has been giving her so many treats. I k eat telling him to stop, but there you are. He wouldn’t and now the. Dog is suffering. I hope she loses it soon too. I can’t see so can’t see what he is doing! She had a good day though. Thanks Val


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