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  1. It can be. It can be very useful for developing some kind of coherent view on something, where hitherto they are just thoughts bouncing round in my head. I don’t do that so much any more but I used to. But it very much depends on subject matter, don’t you think?

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Yes I think you are totally right Pete. Thanks for your response. It is much appreciated. The question arose from something someone said about poetry yesterday, I was interested in the subject. Thanks for responding.

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thanks so much Ingrid. I do agree that it can be cathartic if you choose to make it that way. But Thankyou so much for saying my writing is inspiring as that gives me a reason to carry on with it. I would hate it to be just for cathartic reasons as there are other means of facilitating that. I think I write to TRY and communicate ideas and thoughts as well, but certainly the question made me think.

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  4. You definitely succeed in that! I feel like I’ve spent all week complaining about my PMDD in one way or another, but if I’m raising awareness of the condition then it might not be an altogether bad thing.

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Ingrid. I did read about it on your blog and I tried to respond but WordPress would not let me for some reason. That made me very sad because I wanted to say what a horrible seeing it must be to live with. I only Avenue PLT but never that. You are so right in trying to raise awareness of it and it is not just complaining. I for one did not know about it and now I do. I am glad that I know but I am not glad that you are having to suffer it. Complain away if you want to but hopefully also it will make people much more sympathetic and aware.

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  6. blindzanygirl

    You are so welcome Ingrid. I wish I could respond on your blog. It works with my old iPad but I can’t use that one very often. WO doesn’t like my newer iPad, blast!

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  7. To me, it’s my creativity that serves me a strange kind of relaxation, which I get nowhere, may be.. But I feel good after I create my own words my own way.. Good thought provoking question.. Never ever thought of this before.. 👍🏼😊

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  8. blindzanygirl

    Debby, Thankyou so much. I feel exactly the same way you do about creativity. It makes me feel good too, to have created something. I had’tnthought about it either until someone suggested it. ❤️


  9. I think the way you phrase your question is interesting. “Just” catharsis, as if catharsis is unimportant. Sometimes a poem is written just for emotional expression, but readers really relate to it, so in the end it is not “just catharsis,” regard of how it started.


  10. blindzanygirl

    That is an interesting thought Jenna. Thankyou. The person who suggested to me that that was poetry is, was indeed detracting from that but I did not kind of pick up on that. You are right in that observation I feel. Thankyou so much.


  11. Each of us write for a different reason. I write because it is my passion, my love, my expression, my lifestyle, my communication, but there is only a sliver of difference between passion and catharsis, in my opinion.

    For some writing may well be catharsis. For others it is creative expression. I think it entirely depends on the writer. 🙂

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  12. blindzanygirl

    Oh Jays. You have summed it up so well there. And you have put into words EXACTLY my reasons for writing too. Maybe the word “catharsis”” does make some sense. I never thought of it in terms of passion. But it is. And I write out of passion too. I couldn’t not write. This has been a very interesting discussion. Thankyou so much for joining in. 😊 *I hope that was a smiling face, as I can’t see lol)

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  13. As others have said, writing can be many things. The intent of the author is not alone the defining aspect of the work. The reader interprets the writing and it can be anything from a guide, an inspiration, a validation of feelings or a shared experience. The motivation of the writer has a portion in the outcome but is not entirely able to steer the experience of the reader…. You work is both a revealing of your heart and mind and a journey you allow me to join.


  14. blindzanygirl

    Fandango, it really WOULD have been catharsis for me if I had answered your question on sex this week 😀. I did get a response all typed out, but it would not post so at least you have been spared that lol

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  15. blindzanygirl

    That is a lovely response Val. Thankyou. Am not sure what catharsisvreally is now lol. It seems to mean so many things. I had never really thought about it. The person was not commenting on my poetry but on writing in general. But yes, you are so right in what you say


  16. When I wrote on my blog about failed marriages, and poor life decisions, I did find that cathartic, Lorraine. But my short stories and fiction serials are purely for my pleasure.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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