Yesterday I shared with you a bit of writing that I did in 2018 about Black Bank, an isolated spot near to the River Trent in Lincolnshire. In that piece, I wrote about Lady, the osprey, and ospreys in general, and the little kingfisher,

We went back to Black Bank yesterday, my health being up to it, and it was a most wonderful experience,though this time I could see nothing at all except the usual grey mist that I have in front of my eyes,

It was a warm Spring day, and though I could see nothing, I had wonderful memories. In a way, that made it a bittersweet experience, but all in all it was a lovely afternoon.

I became very interested in Black Bank a long time ago, for it feels like a very luminal, “thin space” place, and I have been trying to figure out why. Even as a blind person I could feel the atmosphere, and at times I felt as if Icwas way back in the past. I wondered what had happened there. And I wondered why it is called Black Bank. An intriguing name.

We know that the area used often to be under water, as in ancient times the river would cover all the labs around there. Then, eventually, the land was drained by the Dutch, who knew all about doing these things. So, a drainage system put in by the Dutch still serves the area well today, and houses stand on some of the surrounding land now,

Also, this was an area where the vikings were very active, and they would come down the river, and I wondered just what had taken place right there with the Vikings. Certainly a Viking longboat was found on the edge of the river one time. Sadly, it went to Scunthorpe museum and they lost it. Now how can you lose a longboat, I have to ask! But they stated that they did. If anyone finds it could you let us know please.


Looking back over her life of darkness
Questioning where it had all gone wrong
A life wasted not of much use
She grieved for what could have been
Why was she born to die?
A paralysed scream
Stuck in her throat
Too late now
To change
Caressed her
Sore grief shivered
Was this the ending
Planned for her in times past?
Could her soul now find salvation?
A voice pierced this deepest dark
“Look carefully my child
A silver ribbon
Runs through your life
Grasp it tight


In the liquid silver stream of your love
I rest awhile
And feel my body become light
Floating where it will
No fire can put it to rout
Though fierce it tried
Upheld by love’s strong hand
I find my way
To that place where sorrow
Cannot darken my path
Nor tears mark my face
A place of light
Silky smooth
Never ending