Nobody thought she was CAPABLE of very much. She was born a crying baby, and her moth never liked her since she had black hair like her father. Once when she was very young, she was meant to be a duckling in a show given by her dancing teacher, but at the last minute she started crying and refused to go on stage.

She never had any confidence and so it was very odd when as a teenager a great change took place. She learned to play the flute and became expert at it. She played in the school orchestra and often played solos at concerts. No one could quite believe it but when she was on stage she was a different person.

Everyone’s REACTION showed that they were astounded at both her expertise and her new confidence. It was however the only area of her life in which she displayed this confidence. Sadly her mother still did not give her the recognition that she deserved and in time she wa to be seen bending over her dead mother’s body saying loudly,

“I’ll make you proud of me Mother. I’ll make you proud of me.”

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