#FOWC. Pattern

FOWC with Fandango — Pattern

Fanny Annie she called her. My grandmother that was. Her real name was Gladys. My grandmother’s sister in law that was. As my grandmother said, they. Sat there pretending to like each other, in reality they couldn’t stand each other.

I used to get letters from her every week. My grandmother that is.

“I wish she’d get her jnitting out,” she would say. According to my grandmother, Fanny Annie was watching her every move.

“She’s dropped another stitch,” my grandmother would write, whn Fanny Annie finally did get her knitting out.

Fanny Annie was fanous for her knitting. She spent the whole year knitting socks and gloves for people for Christmas. Everything was done without a PATTERN. Well, she couldn’t have followed one really, and she seemed to drop more stitches than she knitted. The result was always disastrous. Both gloves and socks were more holier than thou. But each Christmas they were wrapped carefully in pretty Christmas paper, and each Christmas everyone pretended to be chuffed to bits with their socks or gloves that would never see the light of day again.

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