Polly was a great one for dancing – dancing of all kinds. She’d been born with rhythm in her, and it came out of ever pore of her body.

So, when she moved to a new place, and was invited to go to Scottish Country Dancing she could not resist. Her friend, Jenny, said that she would meet her outside the Hall. Once inside, Polly discovered that Scottish Country Dancing was a bit like mathematics, and that was certainly not up her street. She just could not follow the different steps and keep to the patterns. In the end, she suddenly found herself on the floor, having fallen looking most UNDIGNIFIED.

“What a RIDICULOUS position to be in,” she said to herself under her breath, feeling quite angry at herself, not to mention embarrassed. As if that was not enough, as she attempted to get up, her feet SLID away from her, and there she was on the floor, with all the dancers dancing round her.

“Still, at least the music is good,” she said to herself, as she sat there on the floor, bemused.

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