For the past two days I have been reading a book and it has inspired me to do something a little bit different on my blog. I have every intention of continuing to post my poetry, as that has always been my main way of writing, and I will also do one or two challenges as I sometimes do at the moment.

However, I would quite like to write a kind of diary each day as to what is happening to me and how I am feeling. I hope that this will not end up boring but I do feel that there may be people who would relate to what I am writing. I don’t know what you, my readers, think about this, but I am going to give it a go. That is, of course, unless I chicken out of it overnight. I am one of those people who has ideas and then gets a little bit frightened by them, possibly because I don’t like making myself vulnerable. However, at this moment I feel I would like to give it a try. So watch out for my diary.

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