DIARY ENTRY – Peter Rabbit

I did not get my diary written yesterday because my sister rescued a rabbit! Yes, you heard right, a rabbit. We do not have much contact with my sister but she does ring us when she needs or wants something and last night she was flummoxed about what to do with this wild rabbit that she had rescued on her way home from work.

My sister was walking along the pavement after dark and suddenly spied a rather distressed looking rabbit. It could hardly move. She picked it up and carried it home with her. She then put it down in the kitchen and it still wasn’t moving very much but it was alive. She had no idea what to do next but she did ask us to find the number of the RSPCA for her. It was by now gone 8 o’clock in the evening! We did however get the number for her and we gave it to her.

The next thing that we knew was that we got a frantic phone call from her saying that she hadn’t managed to deal with all the options that she was given upon ringing the number and had got into a real mess. So in the end my husband rang the RSPCA for her. Meanwhile the rabbit was still in the kitchen and my sister was cooking her meal.

There was quite a lot of talk between us and the RSPCA. In the meantime my sister put the rabbit into my dad‘s bedroom-my dad of course is dead, but to my sister he is still there in the bedroom. So the rabbit was with dad. She put the rabbit onto a nice comfy furry rug. She herself went into the front bedroom with her two budgies,cand Mum! Mum is dead! However, my sister has my mothers ashes wrapped in seven carrier bags in the chest of drawers in the bedroom! So the rabbit was with dad and she and the butchers were with mum. We had to laugh.

She eventually went to see what the rabbit was doing and it had presented her with a few little presents but she put the carrot in front of it thinking it might eat the carrot but it declined to do so. It was still moving however. We imagined it recovering during the night and running all over the house! We decided to name it Peter Rabbit.

Eventually however, after much conversation with the RSPCA a nice lady arrived at my sisters house complete with mask gloves and plastic apron, and she went into dads bedroom to see the rabbit. Sadly he said that the rabbit was in a very bad way and it was suffering. It had a disease with a long name my sister said but she couldn’t remember the name. It also had a huge grow that on its paw. And it could not eat. So the nice lady said she would have to put Peter Rabbit to sleep. She was going to do it in the bedroom but my sister did not want that so the lady said that was fine and she took the rabbit into the van to put it to sleep. So now Peter Rabbit is running around happily in rabbit heaven. My sister at least made its last hours comfortable and warm and cosy and it had love, which is more than it would have had on the busy roads where she found it.

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10 thoughts on “DIARY ENTRY – Peter Rabbit

  1. Sounds like the bunny had myxomatosis and would have been in terrible pain. We have seen it first hand which is heartbreaking and Hubby has done the kindest thing. I hope your sister has disinfected and washed everything as although humans can’t catch it they can spread it.

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