Moving across the lake a shadow
Gliding slowly to its rest
The still silent air a blanket
Wrapping us in eternity
I watch the shadow become a part
Of that eternal night

It come to rest when the day turns to night
The moon luminates the shadow
Of one that is now of time a part
But soon will come to rest
Waiting for eternity
Held within the blanket

In childhood days I knew the blanket
That held me safe at night
I knew not of eternity
But lived within the shadow
Of a life which never let me rest
Of sorrow I knew a part

Now in time I know I must part
From childish dreams the warming blanket
And find a place that gives me rest
In the darkness of the night
As i watch the moving shadow
I hear the call of eternity

I know now of eternity
This night I feel a part
Of the Source which brings rest to the shadow
Warming it like a blanket
Keeping it safe through the darkening night
Allowing it to rest

One day I too will find my rest
Safe within eternity
Having gone through the darkest night
Sorrow played its part
I think of childhood’s warming blanket
As I behold the shadow

I watch the shadow and see eternity
Though now in part as I come to rest
It’s blanket warms me in darkest night

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