It’s been a strange day! Hubby fell out of his wheelchair today whilst trying to pick up a banana from the kitchen floor. Hey ho!

After the last episode he knew that he needed at least two big men to get him up. So the fire brigade and the ambulance people were duly rung. It ended up that he was on the cold hard floor for three hours!

In the end I told him to shuffle his backside up the hall to the bottom of the stairs and try to lift himself up with his arms into the bottom step, then the second step, then the third step, until he could stand.

Well, at first he didn’t want to do it, but later decided to give it a try. It worked!

Still no ambulancemen though. Fortunately he was not injured. The dog pj cheddar the banana and emptied a rubbish bag all over the floor. Hubby really must learn to put the damned brake on his wheelchair when trying to retrieve a banana!


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