The madman came and put his axe to the tree
Hell bent on cutting out its sacred core
Demons gathered to watch the killing spree

The sap rose then on seeing the madman’s glee
The tree stood tall ready to go to war
The madman came and put his axe to the tree

Red berries glistened in its sturdy lee
Mesmerised the madman watched blood pour
Demons gathered to watch the killing spree

The madman believed that he was truly free
In spewing evil opening hell’s door
The madman came and put his axe to the tree

Holy innocence cried to One in Three
Blood and water cleansed the madman’s gore
The madman came and put his axe to the tree
Demons gathered to watch the killing spree


I see the stars in the vast night sky
And wonder what there is beyond
I know I can reach them if I try
Nothing for me now is too high
I cannot let life pass me by
I do not need a magic wand
I see the stars in the vast night sky
And wonder what there is beyond


Today has been a day of flinging bottles! Plastic bottles full of water! I hardly knew I had done it. I think they call it angst lol. I felt a bit better after it and I really recommend it lol. Fortunately I was with someone who understood, and he cleared up the water for me and re- filled the bottle for me! I think I might have said a few choice words – and I can really recommend that too! So all in all, a good day! I am considering doing it all again tomorrow! Oh and one more thing, when I typed the word “Diary” I nearly typed the word “Sighary” though not on purpose, though Imdont think it is a bad word lol

JUST A STORY cont. (Part 2)

Link to Part 1:

The wood pigeons called plaintively from the nearby woods. Kat sat in her bed listening to them. The scenes of seven years ago came back to her, and it was almost as if she was back there. The wood pigeons were calling then, too, only it was mid summer then. Now, it was Spring. The time when new life bursts forth. Kat had just had her seventy third birthday, and she had been thinking back over her life. Inevitably she went back in her thoughts to that day when she so rudely interrupted her mother’s shopping trip. She had spent her life knowing that she was not meant to have been born, and indeed, just seven years ago, that had been made plain once again. On that day too, Kat had been sat, or rather, half lying, in her bed, which at that time was in the living room. She had cancer. She had resisted strongly the idea of having a bed downstairs, but in the end had to give in, to make it easier for her disabled husband to look after her. On this day, her mother and her brother were sitting in chairs, close to each other, in the window. No one was speaking much, but the wood pigeons ons never seemed to stop calling. They had plenty to say.

Kat was overcome by the horrific itch that her cancer had produced, and the pain in her body, and, suddenly she wanted her mother like she had never wanted her before. She held out her arms to her, asking her mother to come to her and hold her, but her mother turned Her head towards her brother, pursing her lips, and then saying “Ugh,” as if Kat was the most repulsive and disgusting thing on this earth. Her brother looked at her mother and smiled and nodded, in agreement.

Kat limply let her arms fall back onto the bed, in utter disbelief that a mother could do this to a daughter who had cancer and was so sick. She knew that her mother had always been cruel and abusive, but this level of cruelty shocked her. The wood pigeons carried on calling, and were all that was to be heard in the heavy silence of the room. Bright as they were, the sound was like a death knell to Kat.


Jim and Sue had always had dogs. Rough collies. Jade came to them as a five month old puppy and she was the liveliest and fastest dog they had ever had. She was also the funniest and the most affectionate.

Jade’s breeder had always SHOWED some of her dogs and Jim and Sue thought they might have a go at it – just for fun. They had never particularly been in the world of showing dogs before and so had to learn all the ropes.

Obedience class was fun. Except that Jade and obedience did not go together at all. However, Jim and Sue persevered. Usually the classes TURNED into a fiasco, with Jade refusing to do what she was told. However, after a few months she began to settle down, and it was decided that the time had come to enter her in a Show.

The annual Show in a small tourist town drew in many people and was famous throughout the county. Everyon and his mate seemed to go there. The dog show was usually very popular, and it was with great excitement, tinged with a rather large wallop of apprehension that Jim and Sue waited for their turn to show Jade. Jade was also rather excited, but without the apprehension! Into the ring Jim went at the appointed time, Jade raring to go. She promptly forgot every bit of training she had ever had, in the joy of the moment. Beetles were her favourite things, and there were, apparently, many of them in the grass. When the Judge came to look at her and feel her frame, Jade showed her no RESPECT whatsoever. She had beetles on her mind!

The whole thing was a disaster, with Jade being virtually thrown out of the show. It was an experience that Jim and Sue were never to repeat.