I have posted the following poem before, but yesterday I heard that my Aunt had died aged 81 and that she has been buried with her husband, John. John was my mother’s brother, and when he was a child at the farm, he saw a beautiful lady all dressed in pink who appeared at his bedside. I was reminded of this poem that I wrote some time ago and have posted before but just wanted to post t again in his memory.
A beautiful lady all dressed in pink
Stood at the bedside beside
a small chid
Nobody ever knew quite what to think
The story the child told sounded so wild
Nobody else saw this beautiful sight
But the child insisted the sight was real
She came to his bedside during the night
Nothing but peace did the little boy feel
As time passed by it was all forgotten
The child grew up, and got on with his life
The farmhouse was knocked down he was smitten
With grief so deep that cut like a knife
He never forgot that vision so fine
An old man spoke as we watched his eyes shine

15 thoughts on “A CHILD’S VISION

  1. I read your replies about your aunt having Alzheimer’s, but nonetheless I offer my condolences, Lorraine. (I felt the same when my grandmother died in 1986. She didn’t even know who I was any longer.)
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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