FOWC. Vacant

Beryl bustled into the room expecting to see him awake and sitting up in bed. She’d rushed to the hospital late that morning, and gone to the restaurant for some lunch before going to see him. Ten dats he’d been there, following a stroke. It had seemed minor enough, but his speech had been taken. Still he had been expected to recover and they had been talking about rehabilitation.

She was shocked by what she found. He was lying there completely still, his eyes open, but not breathing. The nurse was taking his pulse. Motioning Beryl to take his hand, she counted. Then,

“He’s gone,” she said.

Beryl hardly knew what to do with herself. Having moved to the foot of the bed she looked down at him saying,

“I had three children by him.”

The nurse moved out of the room for a few moments, then came back.

“Come along Mrs. hill,” she said. “We’ve got some papers to sign.”

Beryl walked along the corridor with the nurse looking VACANT.

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