Jim and Sue had always had dogs. Rough collies. Jade came to them as a five month old puppy and she was the liveliest and fastest dog they had ever had. She was also the funniest and the most affectionate.

Jade’s breeder had always SHOWED some of her dogs and Jim and Sue thought they might have a go at it – just for fun. They had never particularly been in the world of showing dogs before and so had to learn all the ropes.

Obedience class was fun. Except that Jade and obedience did not go together at all. However, Jim and Sue persevered. Usually the classes TURNED into a fiasco, with Jade refusing to do what she was told. However, after a few months she began to settle down, and it was decided that the time had come to enter her in a Show.

The annual Show in a small tourist town drew in many people and was famous throughout the county. Everyon and his mate seemed to go there. The dog show was usually very popular, and it was with great excitement, tinged with a rather large wallop of apprehension that Jim and Sue waited for their turn to show Jade. Jade was also rather excited, but without the apprehension! Into the ring Jim went at the appointed time, Jade raring to go. She promptly forgot every bit of training she had ever had, in the joy of the moment. Beetles were her favourite things, and there were, apparently, many of them in the grass. When the Judge came to look at her and feel her frame, Jade showed her no RESPECT whatsoever. She had beetles on her mind!

The whole thing was a disaster, with Jade being virtually thrown out of the show. It was an experience that Jim and Sue were never to repeat.

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